Basic Rights Clothing


Project Decription

Approached by Basic Rights Clothing to contribute a design to their Artist Series Collaboration. The print was selected and put in production in Early 2020 All proceeds from this project benefitted the Shoreditch Trust
     Rooted in love for iconography and after long conversations about the imbued value of objects, I collaborated with the clothing company Basic Rights to create this limited edition graphic. 
     The 'Lucky Dice' print alludes to the cynicism and superstition related to the dangers pilots encountered during WW2. This symbol was later adopted by racing subcultures in London signaling that these drivers were willing to 'dice with death'.
     Pushing the kitsch symbolism associated with the image, we played with its orientation to bring it into a more contemporary context.
     The result is a timeless graphic that has been individualy screen printed on high quality, cotton, cut and sew t-shirts. 

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