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Project Decription

Equilibria is a direct-to-consumer CBD brand that focuses on empowering and educating women about the scientific benefits of CBD. Over the year and a half BBG collaborated with EQ, I was able to lead several projects as well as contribute to the overall brand system.
      Given the recent rise in popularity of CBD products, our team realized there was a massive opportunity in the market to educate consumers through clear, and scientifically supported evidence. Before working BBG, EQ’s brand identity lacked characteristics which would define its adoption by their target market. In order to seize the market opportunity as well as secure larger investment, the team at BBG crafted a strategy to update three central tools of the organization: Brand Design, Packaging & Collateral, & the Eccomerce Site.
     As a designer at BBG, I collaborated closely with Amy to create a packaging system that can be easily adapted to their diverse product range of oral supplements and cosmetic products. To better understand the market and current approach to consumer education, we audited several CBD and nutraceutical brands to craft brand messaging that would educate and guide users to the successful integration of a CBD routine. With an understanding of how user expectations and updated messaging, we presented several rounds of custom packaging solutions to the Senior Stakeholders of the Equilibria team. This package design charrette led us to a simple and minimal packaging system that stresses accessibility and clarity.  
     After launching the updated brand system and packaging across their social platforms, Greer Mosher and I began the redesign process of their current Eccomerce platform. With the help of the internal development team at EQ, we were able to identify obstacles in the user checkout flow and designed solutions to nudge users over these hurdles. The result of our in-depth research, in both the market and of EQ’s specific consumer journey, has been explosive growth for the brand.


Package Design 
Amy Schwartz - Creative Director

Web Design
Greer Mosher - Senior Designer
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